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Classical Guitar Technique

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Classical Guitar:

Classical guitar is different than other styles in several ways:

  • Classical guitar is primarily a solo style. The focus of the classical guitarist is to perform compositionsfrom a standard repertoire ofpieces written throughout history. Reading musicand developing technical ability are the most important skills practiced by classical guitarists. There is no emphasison recognizing chord symbols, improvising lead solos, or playing with a band.
  • Right hand fingerstyle technique is used exclusively. Picks are typically not used because many pieces require a bass line and a melody to be played at the same time. This can't be done as effectively with a pick (non-adjacent strings can't be plucked simlutaneaously with a pick).
  • Nylon string guitars are used, rather than steel string acoustic or electric instruments. Theneck of the guitar is wider, and the instrumentproduces a more mellow sound. Traditionally, classical guitarists perform without amplification.

Thislesson provides progressively difficult pieces from the standard classical guitar repertoire, with brief musical, technical, and historical noteson each piece. There are seperatetechnique and historylessons toprovide a traditional understanding of the style.

The easiest and most natural way to learnthe pieces in this lesson istolisten to, and mimic the audio recordings provided. Read the technical notes for help with notation, fingerings solutions, and other tips to make the music easier to perform. Find a favorite piece and repeat it a little every day - it will become fluid and natural with extended practice!

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