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This page contains links to pages that I think may be interesting to guitarists. - Alex Skolnick's most recent album is one of the most unique and interesting recordings I've heard in years. He plays several favorite classic rock tunes as reharmonized arrangements for jazz trio. It's a great introduction to jazz if you've never found it interesting before. Alex still uses the incredible technique he developed during in his time with Testament and the Monsters of Rock. Now he's just a bit more sophisticated and musically mature. I had a chance to jam with him earlier this year, and, well, it's experiences like that which keep a man forever humble ... - Tuck Andress is perhaps the most extraordinary guitarist whose name the average person doesn't know. He has a great site about guitar technique, harmony, tone, and equipment that will stretch your understanding of solo guitar performance. If you haven't heard his recordings with singer/wife Patti, they are essential listening for anyone interested in guitar (or good music in general). - This is the place to go to find free tablature for your favorite music. Tab robot searches the biggest free tab web sites for the title or artist you're looking for. These sites are constantly updated, so you can likely find transcriptions of even the newest music. There are over a million tablatures and chord charts floating around the web, representing the work of tens of thousands of dedicated guitarists. The music is transcribed by players of all levels and abilities, so the quality varies in comparison to professional publications. Despite the quality and readability, online tab is a great resource get started learning music that is otherwise not available in print (or prohibitively expensive). Type in the name of your favorite song, and start learning! - Power Tab is the best free tablature editor available. It produces professional quality guitar scores, and is very easy to use. All of the music printouts on this site were produced with the program (printed straight to pdf format with ). It automatically writes out the standard musical notation for any tab you input. It can import standard MIDI files and convert to guitar tab. It will play back any music you input (via your MIDI output), and it can output standard ascii tab (the type used on sites like the one above). If you want to write out any music for guitar, get it - it's free!

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