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If you've already scheduled a lesson time, you can enter your lesson session by clicking your teacher's name on left side of the page. Please schedule your lesson and install the software well before the lesson time - all teachers schedule their lessons in half hour increments, and you don't want to waste that time getting connected or configuring the software. If you have any technical problems or questions about using the software, please call or email your teacher before lessons, or call technical support at 215-860-7625.

All video and audio sessions are password protected. Lesson rates range from $14-32 per half hour, depending upon the teacher you choose. To learn more about live guitar lessons online, please click here.


Nick Antonaccio:

Nick Antonaccio is the founder of, and the head instructor for the web site's online lesson program. Nick has been performing and teaching guitar professionally for more than 19 years. He earned a masters degree in guitar studies from Indiana University (BA 1993, MM 1995), and has taught more than 3000 private guitar students including numerous professional performers and instructors. His book Guitar Study was used as required curriculum for all guitar courses at Indiana University music school, and his video series "Guitar Techniques" has helped numerous students learn a unique approach to playing guitar. Nick can be heard on many recordings and media publications including film music, commercials, and performances with Grammy award winning performers. Nick is an endorsed artist with Kaman Music Corp. The following are just a few highlights of his performance career:

American Cabaret Theater - ACT received rave reviews from major publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, Newsweek, NBC TV, The Associated Press, and The Indianapolis Star. Indianapolis' Nuvo magazine called ACT "The best musical entertainment in town". Nick was the principal guitarist for ACT from January, 1998 to July, 2004, and has played more than 600 commercial performances at this venue. Other artists and groups with whom Nick has performed include:
Jimmy Guilford - original Motown recording artist and legendary performer with the Ink Spots (1998-2004)
Patti Labelle - national recording artist (in recordings at the Indianapolis Speedway)
The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, with Leonard Slatkin conducting (Bloomington, 1990)
Sean Baker - national composer, recording artist, and writer for Natalie Cole
The Singing Hoosiers - Grammy nominated, world renowned choral group - principal guitarist and touring musician with this group for 5 years (1991-1995)
Shannon Forsell - national recording artist for Hal Leonard and the Bob & Tom band (1998-2004)
Lindsey Ridener - country music recording artist (2003-2004)
X-Factor with Phil Hampton (2001-2002) - original jazz recording artists
The HouseMarys (1996-7) - original alternative rock group
Marcos Cavalcante’s Brazilian Choro Group (1993-4)
Jes Richmond - guitarist for Jackson Browne's band (2003-2004)
World Premiere of Ammal and the Night Visitors, by Juan Orego-Salas (Bloomington, 1991)
Taste of Chicago - FOX stage, televised nationally w/ the Housemarys (1996)
Duet tour of NJ and PA with Igor Kukavica, 10 shows, televised on the NJN Network (1992)
Movie Sound Track for "Blessings From the Food Court" (1998)
Soundtracks for off Broadway productions of "The Best Little Whore House in Texas", "Footloose", "Man o La Mancha", and numerous others.
Nick has performed a total of over 1200 professional engagements as a soloist, lead guitarist, and sideman in venues of all sizes across the country.

Nick's online lesson rate is $25 per half hour.


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