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This collection of recordings includes live performances of all types, studio work, albums, home recordings, instructional materials, and demos that I've done throughout the years. There is currently over eight hours of music here to download. All of the recordings are super compressed - made to be as small in file size as possible. I chose quick download time over high sound quality because bandwidth limitations and large file sizes would have made this large collection impossible to present.

Note: You should be able to double click on each file - they should all play automatically if your system is set up properly. If you have problems playing any recording, right click on the file, select "save target as", choose a location on your hard drive to store it, and then play it using your favorite music application.


2.4M - Classical pieces from my masters degree recital. The recording quality is pretty darn bad (it was done on a handheld recorder), but the pieces and the performance are some of the best on this page.

  • Etude #7: Modern guitar piece by Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos
  • Cadiz: Piano composition by Isaac Albeniz, transcribed for solo guitar.
  • Courante from the 14th Suite for Harpsichord: G.F. Handel
  • Torre Bermeja: Piano composition by Isaac Albeniz, transcribed for solo guitar.
  • Sakura: Virtuoso variations on a Japanese folk song by Yoquijro Yocoh


182k - The fastest thing you've ever heard. Something that I use to impress tough crowds - I love watching jaws drop to the floor when I play this one! Delay doubled (it's not really as hard to play as it sounds).


1.1M - Recorded for a friend at home, this is just some cool improvised stuff that I happened to catch on tape.


1.39M - A transcription of the famous (and insanely difficult) chaconne from the 2nd Violin Partita by J.S. Bach. No recording tricks were used on this track - the entire 12 minute guitar solo was recorded live, exactly as it sounds on the tape!


14.4M - A live recording from my days playing bars with the Housemarys. This file is huge, and contains over 2 1/2 hours of live rock!


1.6M - Some beautiful live stuff that I did with flute-ist, err, flautist ... um, flute player extraordinaire Andrea Raiz (in concert 1998).


1.39M - A recording from a live 92.3 radio broadcast in 1993 (more classical music).

  • Leyenda: Piano composition by Isaac Albeniz, transcribed for solo guitar.
  • Variations on a Theme by Mozart: Classical Guitar Composition by Fernando Sor
  • Sunburst: New Age Original Guitar Composition by Andrew York


752k - These four improvs were done in a studio session for the University of Indianapolis. The engineer was a student of mine and asked me to record a variety of music that they could use in radio and TV spots. We locked ourselves in the studio for a day, and he said "have at it..." LOL - I don't remember playing any of this stuff ... :)


1.3M (see above description)


524k (see above description)


874k (see above description) - get this one!


7.1M - A solo acoustic album - mostly classical. The "Allison" piece is an original new age piece that will be re-recorded soon.

  • Garrotin-Soleares
  • Sakura
  • Leyenda
  • Petite Suite - Anton Logy
  • Sor-Mozart Variations - Fernando Sor
  • Allison - Nick Antonaccio
  • Etude in Am - Matteo Carcassi
  • Sunburst
  • Villa-Lobos (Choro #1, Etudes 1, 2)
  • Fantasia - John Downland
  • Rosinianni - Mauro Giuliani

72k - A quick and goofy spoof on "American Woman" - there's a couple cool 'lil things going on in there.


4.24M - An album I played on with the Housemarys. Check out the intense first track - that's lil ole me!!! (golly)


1.8M - In concert with Dr. Kathy Hacker. I never really liked this kind of vocal music, but this lady is spectacular. I wish I had a video of my face when she finished singing the Spanish pieces!


266k - The piece I played during to the introduction to my commercial video, "Guitar Techniques" - available on this site :)

Copyright 2004 Nick Antonaccio. All rights reserved.