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Guitar Lessons and Classes With Nick Antonaccio

Live  private lessons on the Internet are available anywhere in the country, using interactive video conferencing software.  Private lessons and group classes are also available at my home studio in Newtown, PA, and at Morning Star Music in Solebury, PA. 

Weekly appointments are available in a variety of formats at competative rates, with special discounts for group sessions.  To schedule an introductory lesson, please use the form below, or call 215-860-7625 (860-ROCK).

  • Learn from an experienced instructor with a masters degree in guitar performance and 18 years of professional teaching and performing experience in virtually every popular style of music.
  • Learn in a comfortable environment - and have a great time doing it!  My approach is fun, entertaining, and nothing like boring, confusing traditional methods.
  • Learn to play quickly and easily, using music you like and want to practice.
  • Learn each technique and concept, from the fundamentals to the most advanced skills, using a personalized approach based on the music you choose to play.
  • Take lessons that are as satisfying as you'd hoped they'd be - enjoyable, exciting, productive, and progressively effective, from absolute beginner through professional levels.

Click here for more information about my teaching approach.


  • $20 - Half Hour Live  Private Video Lessons on the Internet.   Take lessons in the comfort of your home using your computer, a webcam, and the video conferencing software provided by your instructor.  Save time and energy, and record clips from your lesson so that you can review them repeatedly during the week.  For more information about taking live video lessons on the Internet, click here.

  • $12 - Weekly group lessons in Newtown, PA.  Perfect for students just starting out, or for those who are uncomfortable with 1-on-1 private lessons.  Classes are a cost effective and casual way to learn how to play.  Classes are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.  Each class covers 1 particular technique, skill, and musical topic. Classes are perfect for students who prefer a less intimate and less demanding setting - you won't ever be put on the spot to play individually in front of others.  Take all of the classes in each level, and you'll receive a well rounded education in every area of guitar playing.  Group lessons are inexpensive, convenient, and far more structured than private sessions at a typical local studio.  To schedule check available class times, please use the form below, or call 215-860-7625

  • $20 - Half Hour Private Lessons in Newtown, PA ($19 per lesson when prepaid monthly).   The entire half hour is focused on your special interests and needs.  Lessons are available for absolute beginner through professional levels, all styles.  You'll see an enormous difference in the quality and effectiveness of my lessons when compared to less experienced teachers at local music stores.  You'll also have a better time at lessons - my style is unique and fun!  For more information about my teaching approach, click here.  

    Private lessons are available: 

      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 10 am - 9 pm.
      Saturday 10 am - 3 pm

To schedule an introductory lesson or to ask any quesions, please use the form below, or call 215-860-7625.   

Please be sure to type your email address correctly.  If you prefer to be contacted by phone, or by any other means, please use the form below, and double check that your name and contact information is correct.
  All contact information is collected solely for the purpose of establishing a private appointment time, and will be kept strictly confidential. Please include preferred lesson times, lesson topics you'd like to cover, and any other questions/comments you have. Thank you!

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