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Private Guitar Lessons - LIVE and In Person on the Internet.

Live private guitar lessons are now available anywhere you've got a computer and an Internet connection.  These are not prerecorded videos, but real live audio/video lessons with an online personal instructor.  You'll see your instructor, talk with him, and work with him live and in person on the Internet - just like in a traditional private guitar lesson.  It's as natural and effective as working in the studio with your instructor, but much more convenient.  Students have taken hundreds of lessons online and have seen just how natural and effective it is!  All you need is a standard set of speakers and a microphone attached to your computer (an inexpensive and readily available microphone headset is preferrable).  You'll be able to see and hear your instructor, whether or not you have a webcam.  If you have an optional webcam, your instructor will be able to see you too (all our instructors are trained to work with students, whether or not the student has a camera).  Online lessons are perfect for students who can't make it to a local lesson each week.  Travel/time concerns, and a lack of qualified local instructors no longer pose problems.  Most students who begin lessons online actually prefer it to meeting in person - the technology allows for many benefits that aren't available in normal lesson settings.  It's so convenient and fun, and children tend to concentrate better when taking their lessons online (read more below).  Regular weekly lessons range from $14 to $32 per 1/2 hour, depending on the instructor you choose.  Teachers with Masters and Phd degrees in music are available, as well as experienced performers teaching beginner to professional levels in every style of music.  To set up an appointment or to request more information, please use the form at the bottom of the page.   ( Experienced Professional Teachers Now Wanted )

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  • Real Lessons with a Real Instructor:  Get real interactive guitar lessons, live on the Internet with a private guitar instructor - not prerecorded videos or text lessons.  Using your microphone (and optional web cam), your teacher will work with you personally, using live, full motion video and sound to show you exactly how to perform every movement and technique.  Using the highest quality audio/video equipment, he'll show you 1-on-1 how to position and move your hands and fingers, help you work out technical problems, and answer questions in real time.  You'll see your instructor in vivid detail, and he'll help you learn with the same personal attention you get in traditional music studio lessons.   Prerecorded videos and text lessons simply don't provide that sort of individual guidance.  (You do not need a webcam to take lessons!  All our teachers are trained to work with their students whether or not a student lesson camera is available.  You will see and hear your teacher whether or not you have a webcam.)  
  • All Styles, All Levels:   This program was created by an experienced instructor with a masters degree in guitar performance and 19 years of professional teaching and performing experience in virtually every popular style of music.  The approach is fun, entertaining, and nothing like boring, confusing traditional methods.   Learn to play quickly and easily, using music you like and want to practice.  Learn each technique and concept, from the fundamentals to the most advanced skills, using a personalized approach based on the music you choose to play.  Take lessons that are as satisfying as you'd hoped they'd be - enjoyable, exciting, productive, and progressively effective, from absolute beginner through professional levels (click here for more info about the teaching approach).
  • Record Your Entire Video Lesson:  In addition to working with your instructor live, you can instantly receive video and audio clips recorded in real-time, so that you can save and review parts of your private lesson repeatedly while you practice during the week.  That's an extraordinary benefit that you don't get in typical music studio lessons.  Instead of taking home a page of music to study, you'll be able to watch parts of your live video lesson over and over again in detail, until you've learned it.
  • Free Music:  Starting with your first lesson, you'll get instant access to thousands of popular song titles and written lessons which you can download immediately.  All sheet music and tablature is sent electronically, and can be printed out in commercial quality for easy study (printing is not required - you can view all music on screen if you prefer).
  • Inexpensive:  Regular weekly sessions range from $15 to $30 per 1/2 hour, depending on the teacher you choose.  That's less than the national average rate for music studio lessons.
  • Save Time and Frustration:  Skip the hassle of traveling to your local music store for weekly appointments.  Save time and energy, and study effectively and conveniently at home with an experienced private instructor.  Use the saved time to practice :)
  • Get All the Benefits of Personalized Private Instruction:   There's truly no loss of quality in taking lessons online - most students actually find the online lessons more effective than lessons in a small studio.  They say it's easier to concentrate online at home.  The layout of the lesson software makes it so easy to learn - you see your teacher, the written music, and everything else you need to learn, clearly on screen in front of you.  Let the videoconferencing technology improve the comfort and productivity of each session.  Online lessons are more effective, enjoyable, and convenient than any traditional form of guitar instruction.  Learn to play more quickly, and have fun while you're doing it :)

REQUIREMENTS:   For fast video, a broadband Internet connection is recommended (DSL, Cable, T1, or faster).  56k dialup connections do provide good sound quality, but slow video rates.  You should have an inexpensive microphone headset to take ongoing lessons - sessions may be tried without any special equipment, but a web cam will allow your teacher to see your hands (that's NOT required).  Web cams and headsets are available at Kmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. for less than $20.  (* You will be able to see your instructor even if you don't have a camera).  A PC with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer is required.


  • "I went through the setup procedure just now.  Everything went seamlessly and was very fast."
  • "I can't believe how easy this is.  I thought it might be awkward to try the lesson online.  I'm surprized - it's really natural.  Can we do the lesson online like this every week?  I like it just as much as coming to the studio, but it's much more convenient for me."
  • "It's great not to bring my boys to child care while I take lessons.  This costs the same as the music store near me, and it saves me an hour of travel every time.  It's working out perfectly, and I'm learning a lot.  Thanks!"
  • "Nick, my 8 year old son has been taking private lessons at your local studio for 6 months.  We love taking lessons, and he's learned so much.  Last week, the snow storm kept us from making it to our regular weekly session, so we chose to meet his teacher online using the live lesson software.  I can't believe how much more interested and attentive my son was during his online lesson.  He concentrated so much better on what his teacher was saying and doing, and he practiced so much harder this week.  I like doing lessons in person, because he enjoys the social interaction, but I think he really learned a lot more from the online session.  Would it be possible to do our lesson online every other week?  I think it would be more effective for his improvement."
  • "I got so much out of my lesson tonight and the recorded videos will help too.  I've been practicing for the last hour and my fingers are sore, but it's fun.  I look forward to the next lesson and will practice practice practice!!!"
  • "Nick, this really works just as well as our private lessons.  The only difference is that you can't pick up my guitar and tune it for me.  The free software tuner you sent is working great instead."
  • "I learned more in one online lesson with you than in any other lesson I've taken during the past 18 years."
  • "Holy ----!  I can't believe you're halfway across the country - it's like you're sitting here in my living room!  The sound is incredible!  Awesome, man!"
  • "I wouldn't have been able to drive to our regular lesson today.  I'm getting sick ... so glad we switched to doing it online."
  • "I think what you are doing with remote lessons will work for so many people like me who don't have a good teacher nearby.  Thanks for your help!"
  • "These lessons are my favorite part of the week :)"
  • " fills a much needed niche in music education.  There are so many people who want to learn how to play a chosen instument, but simply don't have the time or local resources available to take lessons.'s interface is supremely useable - it's so simple for a beginner to start using the lesson software during the very first visit.  It's intuitive, easy, and so simple to use that anyone who's familiar with a computer will find themselves right at home during the first lesson.  It's immediately accessible, and you'll start talking, seeing, and working with your teacher, just as if you were in a private lesson.  Give it a shot!"

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Regular weekly lessons range from $14 to $32 per 1/2 hour, depending upon the teacher you choose.  To schedule a lesson, just fill out the form below.  An instructor will call by phone to schedule a private lesson time and send you everything you need to get started.   All contact information is collected solely for the purpose of establishing a private appointment time, and will be kept strictly confidential.  Thank you!

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An instructor will call to personally schedule and confirm a private lesson time.  Technical support is also provided by phone before the lesson.  If you prefer not to submit your phone number, or if you are outside the United States, scheduling may be completed entirely by email, but the confirmation process will require several additional steps.

(If you are an experienced professional guitar instructor looking for information about teaching online, please click here).

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