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Intermediate Skills:

This section of the web site contains musical material to help develop more of the most common techniques, skills, and musical patterns used by guitarists of all poplular styles. The lessons in this section can be taken with nothing other than a basic understanding of the guitar. If you have completed the Basic Lessons, these are a good next step.

The material in this section leads to deeper conceptual understanding of how music is put together creatively. This material will be greatly aided by a solid understanding of the Music Theory Lessons.

Again, the material in this section can take many months to master ... much longer, in fact than those in the basic lessons. Bar chords typically take 2-3 months to become familiar and natural to play. Bends and other lead techniques take many students months of practice before they sound right. Furthermore, many of these techniques are painful when new and unfamliar. Don't worry, the pain and discomfort will go away, and everything will sound better after a period of months. Continue to practice the easier lessons, learn some music theory, and keep at it. You will get better - everyone does.

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