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Pentatonic Solos
Using Chord Shapes As The Basis Of Lead Solos
Rotating Patterns
Localized Interval Patterns
Play A Long Backup Recordings
Common 3rd and 6th Fingerings
Advanced Techniques And Tricks

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Lead Guitar:

Learning about and improving upon lead guitar techniques and skills is often the main focus of intermediate/advanced players in many popular styles. The lessons on this page contain complete explanations and examples demonstrating the most commonly known concepts and techniques used by lead guitarists. An understanding of the Music Theory and Blueslessons shouldbe complete before beginning these topics. Many fundamental techniques and concepts are covered in those lessons. Knowing how chords and scales go together to provide note choices for lead solos isrequired to play any style. The lessons on this page deal primarily with learning how to perform the techniques that are most common in each style, and how to make interesting use of the note choices provided by the basic pitch building blocks.

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