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Getting Started:

To begin online lessons, you'll need to set up an appointment.  If you haven't already scheduled a lesson, please use the form below, or call  215-552-8998.  Once you've confirmed a lesson time, you'll be sent instructions to download and install the software.  The programs are very easy to use, and technical assistance is provided if you have any problems setting them up.

How It Works:

The instructor delivers all lesson video using a high quality, wide angle optical camera and a digital capture card, so that you receive the best video possible. Click here to see images taken directly from the instructor's camera.  The instructor's voice and guitar sounds are processed separately and mixed directly into the conference software, so that everything you hear is crystal clear.  Your instructor will put together a personalized lesson program and send you high quality printable sheet music and tablature for the music you want to learn.  For you, it's as easy as can be - just hook up your web cam, and connect to your private lesson online. (It's even possible to take the lesson without a camera of your own, but if you do that the instructor will not be able to see your hands. You do not need any special hardware to watch the instructor).

Virtually any modern home PC with an Internet connection can be used to take the online lessons.  The conferencing software runs on most versions of Microsoft Windows (95/98/ME/XP/PocketPC), and is very easy to use.  You will need a web cam, microphone, and a simple set of headphones (the typical Walkman type is usable, but a microphone/headphone combo is preferable).  If you don't already have a camera, a Logitech "eyeball" camera, or any equivalent will do - they are available at any large office supply, electronic, or department store.  Kmart, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot all sell easy to use webcams starting at $20.  Headset microphones start at $10.

Typical USB Camera and Microphone Headset - $40 total

NOTE:  To achieve quality video and sound conferencing, a high speed, broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable, T1, or faster) is required.  56k dialup connections may be attempted, but they are not recommended.

Schedule a Lesson:

Because the lessons are genuine private appointments with a live online instructor, an appointment time must be set for your personal interactive session.  Please use the form below to schedule an appointment at your preferred day and time.  An instructor will reply with an email and call by phone to confirm your private lesson.  Your instructor will also provide any help you need to set up the video conferencing software. 

The cost for online lessons is $20 per half hour - that's less than the average nationwide music store rate, and you'll save additional money, time, and hassle by not having to travel to weekly appointments.  Ongoing lessons may be paid online using the convenient Credit Card Payment page.  If you prefer to talk with an instructor by phone, you can set up an appointment by calling 215-552-8998 - it's quick and easy to get started, and there's absolutely no risk or obligation.

Click here for additional information about the applied teaching approach.

Schedule a Lesson Here:

Regular weekly lessons are only $20 per 1/2 hour.  To schedule a lesson, just fill out the form below.  An instructor will call to schedule a private lesson time and send you everything you need to get started.   All contact information is collected solely for the purpose of establishing a private appointment time, and will be kept strictly confidential.  Thank you!

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Please type any questions, comments, or scheduling requests here:

An instructor will call to personally schedule and confirm a private lesson time.  Technical support is also provided by phone before the lesson.  If you prefer not to submit your phone number, or if you are outside the United States, scheduling may be completed entirely by email, but the confirmation process will require several additional steps.

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